Venetian Plaster (also known as stucco) is made of lime, marble dust and natural oils. Our lime based finishes are natural, non toxic and eco-friendly. Lime plasters allow the substrate to breath - which means that the carbon dioxide that we breath out is absorbed into the plaster, and the plaster in turn releases oxygen into the room. Lime plasters are completely inorganic and prohibit the growth of molds and fungi. These specifications make rooms and homes where Venetian Plaster has been applied better for your health than rooms painted with commercial grade latex paints.

Italian Stucco or Venetian Plaster can have many different looks. It can have a polished marble look or it can be matte and textured. Different types of grains and the presence of sand can produce different kind of finishes, ranging from Marmorinos with the polished marble look to textured finishes like Travertino.

Venetian plaster finishes are suitable for all styles of homes from modern to classical, log houses, Mediterranean style villas and city apartments.


Real Venetian Plaster by Bea Simms & Max Gorski believes in delivering the highest quality plaster applications possible. Our plasters are produced in Italy by companies that fully believe in producing superior decorations supported by innovative services. They work enthusiastically and passionately to maintain their quality standards.

The line of plasters that Real Venetian Plaster by Bea Simms & Max Gorski uses combine aesthetics and technology, guaranteeing a refined and classical look with high level technical performance. Our mission is to recreate the wall decoration systems which were used in all of the Italian art cities, particularly Venice during its years of greatest splendor.